Terre Alte: the Excellence of Made in Italy Fashion, Luxury and Style


Welcome to terrealteabroad.wordpress.com, the brand new blog about the Excellence of the Italian Fashion and Style.


The love for fine yarns and the desire to offer women stylish and practical garments transform the Terre Alte brand experience in a high quality, stylish Made in Italy brand which has an history of 20 years.

Terre Alte was founded in 1990 and it is specialized in manufacturing knitwear. The heart of the production is Merino wool, cashmere and other fine yarns. Handcrafted and customized clothes creation, typical of small Italian manufacture, are respected and valued throughout the direct control over the entire production chain.

Excellent raw materials, advanced techniques and high quality garment processes demonstrate a very high degree of competence: Terre Alte realises all its products with the maximum attention to detail and great creative and productive skills.

The refined design and the accuracy of the modeling process distinguish the brand from other Italian fashion companies.

Where does Terre Alte brand name come?

The love for travelling and exploring new places and horizons are at the origin of the brand name.

Exotic highlands, lush crops and the desire for adventure are the key concepts of the dynamic and sophoisticated style of Terre Alte.
The experience of a totalizing nature and the soft gray color of the rolling hills inspire the Fall Winter Collection 2016.

How is Terre Alte woman represented?

Terre Alte woman is sophisticated, glamourous and contemporary, loves feeling new emotions, exploits nature and discovery and it is able to be dynamic and look further new and exciting experiences.



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