Which are the 5 Fashion Trends for 2016?

As always, the end of New York and Milan Fashion Weeks bring with them the inevitable forecasting of next year’s biggest trends, and while it’s still too early to tell which styles the masses will take to, there was a handful of strong recurring looks that emerged from the past collections: a few are holdovers from this past fall (for example fur, layering etc.), others definitely are brand new (chokers, ruffles).

1. Statement Fur

Real or faux furs make a strong showing on fall runways in various forms, but it is the use of bold colors and prints that really catch our attention. Coloured and shiny furs, floral furs and cotton candy coats are the more seen.


2. Ruffles

During the catwalks, we’re used to seeing over-the-top pieces on runways that often employ laughable proportions. But for fall and winter collections, designers try to fuse structured high-fashion ruffles with wearability.



3. Shades of Tan

The Fall Winter Collection 2016 will be full of tons of pants, knits, skirts, andouterwear done up in varying shades of tan, perhaps the chicest, most classic color there is, from muted khaki to soft camel.


4. Gold Metallic

Thanks to an especially strong showing on Fall 2016 runways, metallics—specifically gold are poised to be a seasonal standout. For example, we are talking about lamé coats or shawls and gold “going-out” tops paired with slouchy tan pants and flat slides.



5. Plaid Overcoats

Fall runways usually bring more tartan than we can handle, but this year, big fashion labels approach plaid in a much cleaner, subtler, muted way, and used the print on everything from outerwear to cocktail dresses.




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